Grading Terms and Definitions:


Poor 01-10                                          PO-01 to PO-10

About Good 11-20                              AG-11 to AG-20

Good 21-30                                         GD-21 to GD-30

Very Good 31-40                                VG-31 to VG-40

About Fine 41-50                    `           AF-41 to AF-50

Fine 51-60                                           FN-51 to FN-60

Very Fine 61-70                                  VF-61 to VF-70

Extremely Fine 71-80                          EF-71 to EF-80

Almost NOS 81-90                             AN-81 to AN-90

New Old Stock (Mint) 91-100            NS-91 to NS-100




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